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Pain. Her body bent forward and she felt the back of her neck. By the time she had straightened, the horseman had mounted and was disappearing from view along The Ridgeway. Woodman helped the semi-conscious Rewn to his feet; his left eye was swollen and closed, whilst above it was an ugly gash. Here, take this. Rewn accepted Woodman's handkerchief, and attempted to stem the flow of blood. 'Twas the Frenchie, most dangerous highwayman this side of Hounslow Heath, observed the driver knowingly. Who is he? asked Lutel. It's Duval, came a woman's voice from within the carriage. His name is Claude Duval. They say things became too hot for him in France, so he's crossed the channel to make easy pickings from us English. Another time Lutel might have been flattered at being mistaken for a native, but now she stared down the buy instagram likes track after Duval. The highwayman was no longer visible; only a cloud of dust betrayed his whereabouts. We must go after him, she said. Leave it, my pride hurts more than my buy instagram likes head. Lutel turned and faced Rewn, staring him straight in the face. He's taken the key, she explained. The key! echoed Rewn. Woodman looked from Lutel to Rewn, unable to comprehend the consternation at the loss of so small a trinket. I thought we were going to London to b-- A withering glance from Lutel, who was not in the mood for any of Woodman's bungling, cut short instagram his sentence. At the moment the key is more important, explained Rewn. Didn't look like no key; didn't look like nothing I've seen on this earth. ROADSIDE FRIENDS Rewn looked towards the path buy instagram likes that the highwayman had taken. Their hopes of a safe return seemed to be disappearing along the ancient track. The key was vital to the return journey, being one of a pair that was needed to engage the booster system of either spacecraft. Many centuries earlier, an expedition to a parallel galaxy had ended in disaster when the captain of a ship had refused to wait for the crew of buy instagram likes a sister ship that had been damaged in landing. On the sole ship's return, the Stilax had decreed that on any future mission involving more than one craft, a safety system should be included, to avoid one crew being stranded. The episode had now blurred into Mykasian mythology, but all captains now carried a key around their necks, which had to be exchanged between ships before departure was possible. Where does it lead? asked Rewn. Why, all the way to Ivinghoe, near Lunnon, answered the driver. But more instagram likely he'll turn off back towards Avebury, or just carry on 'cross the downs. Most of his robberies be along the Lunnon Road; they do say his roadside friends do protect him – for a price. Roadside friends? queried Lutel. People that do hide and protect him, explained the driver. Farmers, cottagers, landlords and the like. Everyone's got their price. I guess they have, mused Lutel. Let's go and find out how dear they are. Dust clouds puffed around her feet as Lutel marched google along The Ridgeway, following in Duval's path. Rewn hurried to keep pace, then after a few steps he turned to Woodman, who was standing on the step of the coach. Come on, then. Woodman looked at the driver, then at the coach. Common sense buy instagram likes was telling him to climb aboard; his inquisitive nature, which had brought him to this predicament, urged him otherwise. He looked inside the coach at the beckoning, comfortable seat. Wait, he called, and he jumped down after